We’re Doing WHAT for Summer Vacation? takes audiences on a true-life adventure of a family’s journey as they travel across Borneo.  IMAGINE the book, Eat, Pray, Love…….but from a family perspective with less than enthusiastic children. So begins the story of 9 year-old, Ali, a typical American girl whose summer dreams of playing at the beach with her friends are shattered when her former hippie parents announce that the family will be backpacking across Borneo for the summer. This was not Ali’s or her 13-year brother’s ideal of summer fun! On her reluctant journey, she finds herself engrossed in a Muslim culture, living in a tree house, discovering an island of lost children and headhunters, trekking through the jungle and encountering leeches and orangutans in the wild, diving with turtles bigger than she was, and at one point even thinks she being kidnapped in a strange land. This is not your ordinary true-story. This is a magical journey about a typical girl and family experiencing a very untypical place that changed their lives forever. This is a story that children and families alike will love as their adventures comes to life in this unforgettable story.